Aug 2005

On our honeymoon

David and I are on our honeymoon and having a fantastic time on Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard. It's a great trip and we are enjoying the ocean, biking, and great food. We'll be home soon, but this was a trip that we will remember for a lifetime.


For those interested in our family's genealogy, David and I have posted some of our genealogical research on this site. Click here to view it. We will be doing much more research and look forward to sharing it. If you have any genealocial information about our families, comments, or corrections, please contact us by using the links at the bottom of most pages on this website.

Thanks, and enjoy the information!


Our wedding took place today and it was great! The band was fantastic. The food was amazing. But most of all, our families and friends were sensational! Thank you to everyone who helped us share our special day! We love you all!

John & David Fedor-Cunningham

The wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were a huge success

We had a lovely rehearsal and we all learned where to stand and what to do during the ceremony. Then we all went to Mom & Dad's house for a wonderful evening of wine and food! The champagne was the hit of the night, and everyone loved the Polish food we served. We danced and danced this evening to wonderful music. Marie taught us how to dance, and Stella & Nancy tore up the dance floor. Pat Fabozzi gave a heartfelt speech that caused her to choke up. The speech was WONDERFUL and so kind and flattering to us. Robert was shy and refused to give his toast. Many, including Carol Falkenstein, John Cunningham, Priscilla & Adam Behidj, Clem & Nancy Looby, and the Cunningham's from Seattle, traveled long distances too! What a wonderful time we had! It was a perfect evening! Heavenly! Brilliant!