Sustainability refers to the ability of a society or an ecosystem to function indefinitely without squandering the resources on which it relies.

Sustainable Living is the act of living such that our actions do not jeopardize the ability of the earth to meet the needs of future generations of people as well as other forms of life.

Sustainable Living is not "subsistence living." Too many people envision living sustainably as depriving themselves of comforts and the necessities of life. This is not the case. Many people, after taking a few steps toward living sustainably, find that they have more comforts in life, and have the luxury of time to devote to the things that matter to them most. Some people choose to voluntarily simplify their lives in one way or another. Others choose to encourage water conservation or air quality in their communities. It's up to everyone to decide what steps to take, but if we all do a little, we will help to conserve our communities and the planet for future generations.

Because Sustainable Living is such a large topic, and because it interests me so much, it has its own website. Please click the link below to visit that site: