Design is something that too few people think about. Whether in the creation of this web page or a home, the design makes all the difference for the person using it. Do you like the design of this website? I hope you do because a lot of thought and effort has gone into its design.

Design also factors in significantly in the many small things in life that we take for granted. Take the telephone as an example. Do you remember the big old Bell Telephones? They had a big handle and long cord. The phone was easy to hold, fit well to your face and was comfortable against your ear. I think that is good design. Unfortunately, it's really difficult these days to find a phone that is well designed. Bang and Olufsen is one of the few that are making ergonomically designed telephones, and I'm impressed with the BeoCom 2. David and I are thinking of getting a few for our home.
It seems like a design that, like the old Bell phones, fits the contour of your face. Also, I've been really impressed with the design and quality of Bang and Olufsen's products.

Apple Computer is another company that really puts thought into design. When looking at the iPod or the iMac, one can't help but be impressed with the ease of use, and appealing appearance.

Design is a vast area, and in the future I will be adding additional information about other areas, such as philosophical design (purpose/purposefulness, or teleology), interior design, ergonomics & aesthetics, etc.